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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Luxe Stroller


La Rinascente Duomo department store in Milan unveiled a crystal studded pram earlier this month for a 'back-to-school' glittering celebration with parents. The event was organized by Vogue Bambini and Swarovski Elements. I am almost embarrassed to admit that if I were to have a child anytime soon this stroller would be on my wish list. It is GORGEOUS!

Source: [LuxedB]


Anonymous said...

Where can i buy it?

Anonymous said...

do you no how much and were from

Blingologist said...
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Blingologist said...

I'm located in Miami, Fl and I am a professional bling designer. I bling everything from pacifiers to strollers and any and everything in between. My name is Janelle and would be more than happy to assist you in anyway I can. My website is currently under construction but I can assist you by contacting me at

Anonymous said...

could u tell me how i can order this and how much it will be?